My Long and Wary Journey, Part III

I caught a lot of people off guard this past year when I really began stating my views on life. Keep in mind, as a natural introvert, my only friends stemmed from my former place of work, which I’ll continue to call the Weirton Club. In a conservative area like Weirton, the second I supported peaceful protest in the NFL, I lost many friends from the place. My criticisms of President Trump made these same people brand me a “liberal who hides behind a keyboard and lives in his parents’ basement” by a wannabe meathead we’ll call the Pepsi Guy. Too bad he forgot I was just as critical (and continue to be critical) of former President Obama and live in a two-bedroom apartment while making enough money to pay my own rent and other bills. I just find time to write and get my opinion down.
Those from my past life act as if I started this outspoken gimmick after I left the Weirton Club, when I’ve been doing this since I started my Facebook account back in 2010. Furthermore, before anyone from the place added me, I forewarned them of my posting style and that it wasn’t a bunch of selfies after a workout which generates a few hundred likes. Nope, I wanted to get my beliefs down plus my backing of such beliefs.
People really started to question me when I stopped competing in men’s physique back in 2015 and have since made writing my top priority over my own career (or career for the time being), especially these days, with My Freedom Flame in the works and almost ready for launch. To be honest, I see it more rewarding to preach the message of liberty, true liberty of the Libertarian Party. There is nothing in this country more important than upholding the true values of liberty and the United States Constitution, because I believe our current lawmakers have separated themselves from the sacred document and have since usurped liberty in favor of security, supposedly at the demand of the masses.
But is it the government’s duty to succumb to public demand if it violates the Law of the Land? The government is there to remain small and protect freedoms, even if it means giving up security for freedom. In America, we’ve become a nation of sheep and by doing so have voiced our support for mass surveillance if it means fighting terrorism, but would terrorists even exist if we weren’t the policemen of the world? This passage alone says a lot, as its become my number one passion in life to tell people what we’re told by the mass media, or in school that things aren’t as they seem. This superseded my desire for becoming a fitness icon. Sure, I still love to workout and eat clean, as I believe it’s a lifesaver for both the mind and body, but upholding liberty, true liberty, is and should be the most important thing for each of us.
Of course, libertarian politics will burn bridges regarding your conservative and liberal friends. But I was willing to do this if it meant doing my part to educate people through my future blog, and I can finally get rid of this MatthewsFit domain name that makes zero sense in pertaining to what I’m preaching. I have a vision for spreading the message of what freedom is really about, and it’s not worshipping our police and bureaucratic overlords who enforce and make laws for us, just or unjust. It’s not about a supposed terrorist threat thousands of miles away that will attack us if we aren’t invading their country, in which case they would have zero reason to do so. They hate us because we’re over there, just like we would hate them if the shoe were on the other foot. What right to we have to be over there, setting up bases, and bombing their people? Here is how I know we wouldn’t like this…uh, because we did this with England, remember? Eighteenth century, anyone?
That said, I couldn’t remain silent any longer, and my fitness blog slowly morphed into something political based. Fitness may have been a forte, but sometimes our fortes evolve over time, and liberty is definitely a forte worth fighting for.

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