Over the last few posts, I’ve used my Pepsi Guy example as a man who sold out his lifelong dream to enter Corporate America and make money via bribe from Pepsi Co. I believe most, if not all of us, have a dream before we even step foot into the realm of society. I urge people to always remember their first dream and shoot for it. If they tell you first instinct proves to be correct, why not go after what we initially wished for? Let’s face it, many of us end up selling out and though we may be happy with our income and job security, we may often wonder what could’ve happened had we stuck it out.
My career is at crossroads, not due to lack of job performance or anything of that nature, but it’s so because my old passion flared up almost three years ago. This passion is writing, and I’ve been spending the last three years honing the craft, as much has changed since I graduated high school almost nine years ago. My interest in high school became fitness and this interest became an obsession and ultimately usurped my dream of becoming a novelist. From 2005 to 2015, fitness reigned supreme. All I wanted to do (and I must admit, still want to do) was workout, and becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor seemed like a natural fit.
In mid-2014, the itch to create and write returned, so I succumbed and started it back up again as a hobby. I started sketching character designs, personas, wants, and desires. Whoa! My characters’ wants and desires mirrored my own, and though my main characters possess the “fit look,” their true desires were more than “looking good.”
As those following me already know, I’m working on My Freedom Flame, a blog dedicated to spreading true values of liberty without the Two-Party Treatment, and will cover several key issues threatening our liberty today many of us are oblivious to. Well, it so happens my characters want the same thing, yet in terms of a fantasy-based adventure action novel. Talk about a story worthy problem I’ve come to recognize over the course of two-and-a-half years: An ignorant, me-first college athlete turning his attention to something bigger than himself: his colony in deep oppression to a mother country. The kid’s character arc mimics my own.
Okay, what am I getting to? Many times, our story-worthy problems in life comes from something deep within ourselves. This reasons well with our own deepest desires, and it’s something that may be egging at us while we stock store shelves with Pepsi products, or in my case, train clients and wish I was behind a laptop screen doing all I can to perfect my manuscript.
We dream because we desire something, and that desire becomes so strong we must pursue it. Sooner or later, we vow to pursue it. Well, here come the naysayers, and these naysayers may be our closest allies. Mom, dad, grandparents, cousins, friends, peers who wish to see us fail, everyone is going to say, “Todd, you’ll never make it as a novelist,” or “Is there a demand for such a job?” Or better yet, “Does it pay well and give you job benefits you’ll need before and after you retire?” Look, I never once mentioned money.
I don’t care Kevin went to a one-year tech school and pay of his debt in a few short months while making seventy-five grand per year. I know he doesn’t care, but Kevin is the one who sold out on his own desires to settle for a job with high demand so he can earn money, pay bills, go on vacation, go back to work, work thirty plus years, and retire. Kevin just worked his entire life and didn’t make a dent in that story-worthy deep desire unless he intended to go to a tech school and search the job market for a high demand job when he was in grade school. Chances are, he didn’t.
Guys, we live in a greedy world where we’re expected to work for a paycheck while making someone else a lot of money and at the end of the day, be thankful for it. Why am I thankful for working really hard for someone else so they can achieve their dream? I call it modern-day slavery. Am I changing the world, or just becoming a drone to society? Wake up, fight traffic, work all day for a job that will replace you in two seconds, go home, unwind, go to sleep, and do it all over again for five to six days of the week while I get one to two days to myself?
If we all thought of our careers as a way of changing the world, I believe the world would be a happier place. Look, being a trainer is fun at times, but I’m changing someone’s fitness life, which is rewarding. However, there is something deeper within myself craving to change something else when it comes to people. I want to change their outlook on life. Sure, fitness is surely an avenue to do this, but I just want more. I need more. Because at the end of the day, working in the fitness industry is nothing more than a numbers game. It’s sell this and sell that. It’s numbers, numbers, numbers, and it gets to the point to where I say this isn’t what I signed up for. It’s a numbers game, and you can change all the lives you want, but if a stupid sales number isn’t there, you didn’t do your job. Anywhere you go, it’s like this. And I think we’re all misled in various avenues in life, but career is certainly one.
But wait, wouldn’t a publisher reject your manuscript if they didn’t feel it would sell? Sure. So, it’s a numbers game? Yes. So, Todd, aren’t you being hypocritical? No. Why? Well, because I want to change the way people think. I don’t want them duped into the collectivism of the GOP and Democratic Parties, both of which preach big government at the end of the day. What does this have to do with sales numbers? I need to get this message to as many people as possible. I have to reach people regarding libertarian politics and individualism, as I believe it’s the true message of America that has been chewed up and spit out by politicians, corporations, and the rich. I must reach hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions!
That’s my numbers game, and it’s also my sales game. You need to believe in what your preaching so much you’re willing to wake up six hours before work to write it down. You need to believe in it to the point you’re waking up at three in the morning after a vivid dream you know is pointing you in the right direction and must write the idea down before it evaporates in your mind. My Freedom Flame is all about reaching people. Hopefully I can call my manuscript trilogy novels one day, and reach more. I need to reach people regarding the truth among entities such as the Fed, the FBI, CIA, false flags, police brutality, the trickle-down effect, foreign policy, foreign aid, the Bill of Rights, and fifty other ideas stowed away in my laptop documents. It’s what I need to fulfill a purpose, a calling.
When passion like this comes out of your mouth, or hits the computer screen, you’ll know where your true desires lay. I hope this post could be of help, and there will be more on the way just like it. Have a great Sunday, and my the Steelers lose!!

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