Why is Absolute Liberty more Important to me than Anything?

We see our individual liberties usurped today more than ever before. The evidence is all around us, from public surveillance to speed limits to strange laws such as mandatory vehicular inspection and tinted windows to foreign intervention to state laws being forwarded to the Supreme Court. Other examples include the lack of sound currency, income taxes, public social security, and warrantless search and seizure by the FBI. In other words, our liberties, both civil and fiscal, are half of what they were a century prior.

Writing Motives

Because liberty is a natural right and security threatens this natural right and in dire times will take it away. Look at the demand for increased gun control during a mass shooting. However, look at Chicago’s violent crime rate. Chicago has more gun laws than almost any city in America and its violent crime rate is astounding. Obviously, Chicago’s tighter gun laws have backfired in making it tougher for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on guns while a criminal could care less what security measures are in place. Security’s dark side is just that. Increased security is touted as “necessary” safety measures to help reduce acts of violence. The TSA is a good example of this, but Google how often the TSA fails during test taking. They’ve only invaded the privacy of good people and have conducted warrantless strip searches, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Snapshot of a Libertarian America

The following is my first answer from Quora.com. It provides a brief snapshot on what I believe a Libertarian America would look like versus the issues going on in America today. I believe a Libertarian America would undertake a wholly individualist approach. Anything even implying collectivism, in any entity, would bring about anti-libertarian ideals. In … Continue reading Snapshot of a Libertarian America

I Am Grateful

Free isn’t free in the Empire of Lies. Oh, the crimes of the FBI and the CIA. The implementation of puppet dictators in the Middle East, where does it end? Why are we only taught one side in school? What’s next? RFID chips?

The Ultimatum

I have something I need to get off my chest. If you had two choices to live your life, and only two, would you hear me out? Don’t worry, because we aren’t talking about an ultimatum worth of only two narrow choices. These two choices are wide, and whether you realize it, all of us … Continue reading The Ultimatum

Mission of My Freedom Flame

To promote and spread true liberty. This is my mission. In my years of experience, I’ve observed many freedoms and rights we have in our country aren’t what they seem. They tell us we’re free, but we work really hard to make a lot of money for someone else. They tell us we’re free, but … Continue reading Mission of My Freedom Flame