I Am Grateful

Free isn’t free in the Empire of Lies. Oh, the crimes of the FBI and the CIA. The implementation of puppet dictators in the Middle East, where does it end? Why are we only taught one side in school? What’s next? RFID chips?

My Long and Wary Journey, Part II

I want to fast forward to June 2015, nearly a year after I started writing my first drafts for my budding manuscript series. Little did I know I stood at a standstill, and my own personal image wouldn’t be changing for another two years. Looking back at this pivotal year, I was in denial. I … Continue reading My Long and Wary Journey, Part II

2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

Earlier today I discussed my experience in 2017, and since I’m now in the great North Hills of Pittsburgh and living in what I call ‘The Beginning of the End of the Ohio Valley,’ I thought I’d follow this post with some goals for 2018. I’m a goal-oriented individual, and my 2018 goals are really … Continue reading 2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

I Love the Republic, but I Hate the Empire

The consensus of those believing standing during the National Anthem is required claim we must recognize the “privilege for living in the greatest country on Earth.” Yet, when I turn and look at America’s problems, I see this as a case of cognitive dissonance. Those who either grew up, lived through, or were teenagers during … Continue reading I Love the Republic, but I Hate the Empire

Propaganda of D.O.D.

I severely denounce what Donald Trump said on Friday Night. Trump attempted to do two things: One: Exert corporate socialism over individual Americans. Two: Continue to spread propaganda started in 2009. Before 2009, NFL players were never required to stand for the National Anthem. In fact, they weren’t even on the field. The United States … Continue reading Propaganda of D.O.D.

The America I Want to Live In

I’m not the kind of guy to tell people what they want to hear. I’ll leave that to fake friends and people who want something out of you before they abandon you when they get what they want. Sure, it may not make me a popular guy but I couldn’t care less about winning a … Continue reading The America I Want to Live In

America’s Finest Hour

I have a photo of a Native American girl on my home screen. Her name? I know not. Ditto for her history. In fact, I know nothing of her, except for the oppression of her race, throughout the history of America. When NFL players around the league took a knee this Sunday with their fans, … Continue reading America’s Finest Hour