Tyranny Exists in Many Forms

Another short, but powerful article. This one regards modern-day tyrants. We may know a few. Here is what I wrote: I'm usually asked why I'm so vocal on here. For one, I opinion write as a hobby, and for another, I read books. Real books, which tell the whole truth and sugarcoat nothing. For example, … Continue reading Tyranny Exists in Many Forms

The True Richfield, North Columbia

As with many, I base my settings off familiar locations. I believe many writers and authors do this in order to paint a vivid picture, where they can effectively describe any scene if it takes place outdoors. Furthermore, it’s easy for them to convey the demographic to the reader and in many cases, the buildings … Continue reading The True Richfield, North Columbia

The Real Land Before Time: Part II

Earlier in the week, I talked of the setting of Once, how it took place on our world, billions of years before our time. For that, I echoed Star Wars, in stating the events in the series took place a long time ago. The difference between Star Wars and Once is that Once takes place … Continue reading The Real Land Before Time: Part II