How Did I Become Libertarian

Today, I’m looking to fight the Two-Party system at all costs, actively educating others about the benefits of libertarianism, which I believe our Founders would’ve been, as it follows the same path as the Enlightenment, in which we have right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In other words, we have the right to live, be free, and pursue our dreams like madmen, so long as they harm no other.

My Long and Wary Journey, Part IV

Think I’m off my rocker? I’m cackling while I “hide behind my keyboard living a sheltered existence.” It’s what we’re going to be talking about and I can’t wait to educate the public on my findings.

2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

Earlier today I discussed my experience in 2017, and since I’m now in the great North Hills of Pittsburgh and living in what I call ‘The Beginning of the End of the Ohio Valley,’ I thought I’d follow this post with some goals for 2018. I’m a goal-oriented individual, and my 2018 goals are really … Continue reading 2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

America’s Finest Hour

I have a photo of a Native American girl on my home screen. Her name? I know not. Ditto for her history. In fact, I know nothing of her, except for the oppression of her race, throughout the history of America. When NFL players around the league took a knee this Sunday with their fans, … Continue reading America’s Finest Hour