Self-Reliablity is Real

I saw this with many I went to high school with, and it’s flat out annoying. What’s even more disgusting is when you tell people, even back then, your dreams are bigger than their parents and grandparents status quo (wow, I’m going to be burning a lot of bridges with those who went to Edison High School with me), they’ll laugh and mock you until oblivion.

My Long and Wary Journey, Part II

I want to fast forward to June 2015, nearly a year after I started writing my first drafts for my budding manuscript series. Little did I know I stood at a standstill, and my own personal image wouldn’t be changing for another two years. Looking back at this pivotal year, I was in denial. I … Continue reading My Long and Wary Journey, Part II

I’ve long had a love for history, politics, foreign policy, and anything related to this subject matter. Yet, when I stepped foot into the high school weight room, my brain rewired. It was June 8th, 2005, and I had been sick and tired of being the small, weak kid with a tough time standing his … Continue reading