Self-Reliablity is Real

I saw this with many I went to high school with, and it’s flat out annoying. What’s even more disgusting is when you tell people, even back then, your dreams are bigger than their parents and grandparents status quo (wow, I’m going to be burning a lot of bridges with those who went to Edison High School with me), they’ll laugh and mock you until oblivion.

Is There a Place for Libertarians in Politics?

In government, the Libertarian Party is a clear third alternative which has been gaining steam, as noted in the 2016 Presidential Election, where Gary Johnson received 3.25% of the vote, a large number in general election measures. Is there a place in politics?

How to Calculate the Impact of the Government Shutdown

A true libertarian economy is run by the free market. Within a free, consumer-based market, competition based off the demands of the consumer drives the market. In other words, if the consumer continues to wish to see such attractions, and they will, the more money and jobs will go to the private sector rather than the 40% of national wealth currently going to the government shrinks in size.

We Are a Nation of Dependents

People are afraid of freedom. We live in a country where people claim they’re proud to be free but are continually demanding security over freedom. I consent freedom has a light and dark side. So does nature. And so does security. Everything has a yin and a yang. There’s light and dark in everything, including ourselves. That being said, I’m taking freedom of security and running with it.

How Did I Become Libertarian

Today, I’m looking to fight the Two-Party system at all costs, actively educating others about the benefits of libertarianism, which I believe our Founders would’ve been, as it follows the same path as the Enlightenment, in which we have right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In other words, we have the right to live, be free, and pursue our dreams like madmen, so long as they harm no other.

My Long and Wary Journey, Part IV

Think I’m off my rocker? I’m cackling while I “hide behind my keyboard living a sheltered existence.” It’s what we’re going to be talking about and I can’t wait to educate the public on my findings.

I Am Grateful

Free isn’t free in the Empire of Lies. Oh, the crimes of the FBI and the CIA. The implementation of puppet dictators in the Middle East, where does it end? Why are we only taught one side in school? What’s next? RFID chips?