Why is Absolute Liberty more Important to me than Anything?

We see our individual liberties usurped today more than ever before. The evidence is all around us, from public surveillance to speed limits to strange laws such as mandatory vehicular inspection and tinted windows to foreign intervention to state laws being forwarded to the Supreme Court. Other examples include the lack of sound currency, income taxes, public social security, and warrantless search and seizure by the FBI. In other words, our liberties, both civil and fiscal, are half of what they were a century prior.

How Fiscally Libertarian Am I?

I’m often asked how we can maintain government with such low taxation. Well, that’s the point. We have far too many unnecessary government regulations as it is, to the point where we need a license just to operate a simple small business, for example. It’s outrageous.

Snapshot of a Libertarian America

The following is my first answer from Quora.com. It provides a brief snapshot on what I believe a Libertarian America would look like versus the issues going on in America today. I believe a Libertarian America would undertake a wholly individualist approach. Anything even implying collectivism, in any entity, would bring about anti-libertarian ideals. In … Continue reading Snapshot of a Libertarian America

2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

Earlier today I discussed my experience in 2017, and since I’m now in the great North Hills of Pittsburgh and living in what I call ‘The Beginning of the End of the Ohio Valley,’ I thought I’d follow this post with some goals for 2018. I’m a goal-oriented individual, and my 2018 goals are really … Continue reading 2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

The America I Want to Live In

I’m not the kind of guy to tell people what they want to hear. I’ll leave that to fake friends and people who want something out of you before they abandon you when they get what they want. Sure, it may not make me a popular guy but I couldn’t care less about winning a … Continue reading The America I Want to Live In