Tyranny Exists in Many Forms

Another short, but powerful article. This one regards modern-day tyrants. We may know a few. Here is what I wrote: I'm usually asked why I'm so vocal on here. For one, I opinion write as a hobby, and for another, I read books. Real books, which tell the whole truth and sugarcoat nothing. For example, … Continue reading Tyranny Exists in Many Forms

I Love the Republic, but I Hate the Empire

The consensus of those believing standing during the National Anthem is required claim we must recognize the “privilege for living in the greatest country on Earth.” Yet, when I turn and look at America’s problems, I see this as a case of cognitive dissonance. Those who either grew up, lived through, or were teenagers during … Continue reading I Love the Republic, but I Hate the Empire

Once and its Correlation to Today’s America

Seven years ago, I fired up my old laptop and began writing a dystopian-fantasy. Seven years later, the manuscript is complete, and I’m constantly editing the piece of work in hopes to one day get the series on bookshelves everywhere. Once is a correlation to American society, especially in today’s world. Being neither conservative nor … Continue reading Once and its Correlation to Today’s America

We Are a Nation of Sheep

I read a book a few weeks ago you may have heard of. Some of you may have read the book back in middle school, high school, or even in college. It was such an interesting read I spent all my free time reading the book, and it was quite a quick read. In fact, … Continue reading We Are a Nation of Sheep

Once: A Short Synopsis

Here's a small sample of my work, Once. After over two years work, and a dozen edits (with another dozen to go), here's a short synopsis without giving too much away. Columbia, where a scar lies over the land of a broken colony. Where Void, earth, air, fire, and sea are controlled at the flick … Continue reading Once: A Short Synopsis