Self-Reliablity is Real

I saw this with many I went to high school with, and it’s flat out annoying. What’s even more disgusting is when you tell people, even back then, your dreams are bigger than their parents and grandparents status quo (wow, I’m going to be burning a lot of bridges with those who went to Edison High School with me), they’ll laugh and mock you until oblivion.

The Bribe

They say people give up on their dreams because decent pay from their day job is a bribe for them to settle in to what they’re “meant to do.” Picture what you wanted to do for a living when you were growing up. For us sports lovers, it probably had something to do with hitting … Continue reading The Bribe

Shotball in my Dreams

They say when we have vivid dreams it means we're craving something, or better yet, to get back to something. Well, that something was up here in The 412 but the old crowd was up here with me!

Themes of Once

Do you really want the non-fiction, historical influences behind Once? This post is going to tell you all about it, and it's not intended for the individual who is going to be kept up at night. There are some very powerful, perhaps disturbing, sections of this post.

The Relevance of a Game

Sports are our pleasant distraction from global conflict. In my epic tale Once, this is no different. Learn more about the game of shotball and the relevance of the game not only to Once, but to real life in general.

Once Upon a Journey

The title of this particular post refers to my upcoming book series, Once, which by the way is nearly finished with the penultimate edit and is one short edit away from the final draft! After the final draft, I’ll be in the submission process and one lucky publishing company is going pick this work up. … Continue reading Once Upon a Journey

The Mathews Dynasty

I want to begin with a little history lesson. In fact, I want to begin with quite the history lesson! This lesson is about the Matthews Family and where it very well may be traced back. So, the first and original spelling of Matthews is Mathew, obviously stemming from the Gospel of St. Mathew (spelled … Continue reading The Mathews Dynasty