Writing Motives

Because liberty is a natural right and security threatens this natural right and in dire times will take it away. Look at the demand for increased gun control during a mass shooting. However, look at Chicago’s violent crime rate. Chicago has more gun laws than almost any city in America and its violent crime rate is astounding. Obviously, Chicago’s tighter gun laws have backfired in making it tougher for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on guns while a criminal could care less what security measures are in place. Security’s dark side is just that. Increased security is touted as “necessary” safety measures to help reduce acts of violence. The TSA is a good example of this, but Google how often the TSA fails during test taking. They’ve only invaded the privacy of good people and have conducted warrantless strip searches, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Over the last few posts, I’ve used my Pepsi Guy example as a man who sold out his lifelong dream to enter Corporate America and make money via bribe from Pepsi Co. I believe most, if not all of us, have a dream before we even step foot into the realm of society. I urge … Continue reading

The Bribe

They say people give up on their dreams because decent pay from their day job is a bribe for them to settle in to what they’re “meant to do.” Picture what you wanted to do for a living when you were growing up. For us sports lovers, it probably had something to do with hitting … Continue reading The Bribe

The Real Land Before Time: Part II

Earlier in the week, I talked of the setting of Once, how it took place on our world, billions of years before our time. For that, I echoed Star Wars, in stating the events in the series took place a long time ago. The difference between Star Wars and Once is that Once takes place … Continue reading The Real Land Before Time: Part II

Once: A Short Synopsis

Here's a small sample of my work, Once. After over two years work, and a dozen edits (with another dozen to go), here's a short synopsis without giving too much away. Columbia, where a scar lies over the land of a broken colony. Where Void, earth, air, fire, and sea are controlled at the flick … Continue reading Once: A Short Synopsis

Shotball in my Dreams

They say when we have vivid dreams it means we're craving something, or better yet, to get back to something. Well, that something was up here in The 412 but the old crowd was up here with me!

The Journey

Our own personal journeys are inspirational and motivating. Well, here is a brief sliver of my own. This post tells of where I currently am, where I was, and where I hope to be. I know one thing, getting what you want takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Better yet, you're often going to be forced to persevere through the storms. However, at the end of every tunnel, there is a light.